Over-the-Shoulder Mentorship

Interact with Feliks and our community of over 1,400 members daily! Get answers to your specific art questions and progress in your art career.

Techniques and Training for All Skill Levels

Whether you are picking up a brush for the first time or have years of experience, you'll gain new skills and confidence in this mentorship.

New Painting Lessons Each Month

Program access includes a new lesson each month and you can go back to the videos again and again as you master each lesson and skill.

Painting with acrylics can be challenging, but once you master the fundamentals — it unlocks new creative heights.

I will show you the tools and techniques of painting with acrylics through my step-by-step Masterpiece Mentorship lessons.

Get access to exclusive lessons every month, with something for all skill levels. I look forward to connecting with you inside the mentorship.

Let's grow your confidence and art career together!


I will be covering a wide variety of topics from how to keep your acrylic paints wet longer, to mixing your own paints, step-by-step lessons, and even some abstract masterpieces.

Materials Overview

Materials and the quality of materials you are using can have a big impact on the outcome of your artworks! I go through some details here on which are best for working with acrylics.

Mixing Your Own Paints

This is one of the foundational elements of painting. I have found that knowing how to mix my own paints gives me more freedom to create and also a better sense of control over the outcome of my paintings.

Step by Step Lessons

We'll do multiple step by step lessons that will be exclusively available in my mentorship lessons. These vary from beginner level paintings to advanced, and even some abstract pieces.

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